Terms and Conditions of Services And Travel

Customers, please review the following terms and conditions carefully when arranging your trips through our services.

This manual provides important information regarding the contract between Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. and the customer, so please make sure to read it. This document comprises a part of “the statement explaining trade terms” in Article 12-4, and “the contract document” issued under Article 12-5 of the Travel Agency Law.

  • These terms and conditions are applicable for all reservations made between Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. (hereinafter collectively called Hotel Skip, located at 1-21-1 Honmachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) and its customers. When a customer makes a reservation through us, the customer legally are recognized that you accept all terms and conditions outlined of this document on behalf of all guests in their party.
  • All reservations customers make with Hotel Skip shall be deemed to be booked after their approval of these terms and conditions. The agreement between customers and Hotel Skip will be finalized after we confirm customers' full payments and have notified customers via email that booking is completed.
    *For some corporations, if a reservation is made as an invoiced business trip, the arranged travel contract is considered to be concluded only by sending email which informs the acceptance of the reservation.
  • The full payment is required along with your gaining transportations and stays provided by transportation/accommodation facilities and other sevices regarding travel(hereinafter referred to as “travel service of accommodation and others.”) When the customer makes a reservation online, we will charge to the customer’s credit card after the booking process is completed. Customers can make a payment by credit card on the website of “SB Payment Service Corp.” which is the alliance account closing service of Hotel Skip.
    *A payment by a credit cards is not necessary for some corporations on a reservation which is made and entered into the invoiced business trip. Since all prices are displayed in Japanese yen and Hotel Skip or our alliance arrangement companies set the exchange rates by ourselves, prices may change daily due to the exchange rates and unavoidable changes in the financial market and so forth. However, we fix the exchange rates at the time the customer’s booking is completed, so after that, we will apply the same rate for the customer’s cancellation or any changes regarding their reservations.
  • Customers, please make sure to bring the confirmation of reservations (a voucher). Without it, you may not be able to use the accommodation and the other services, or you may be charged the regular service price. Some arrangement companies for on-site services such as transportation/accommodation facilities (hereinafter referred to as “travel service providers for accommodation, etc”) will not be able to find the customer’s name without the confirmation of reservation(s) (a voucher.) It may happen occasionally with the accidental incorrect input of customers first and last names, and registering with a different person’s name as a representative for a group reservation, etc. To avoid these situations, please make sure to present the confirmation of reservations (a voucher) at the check-in counter or to the applicable service providers (travel guide, driver, etc.) Customers can print the voucher directly by themselves.
  • We will accept reservations for the arrangement of travel services such as accommodations up to three business days prior to the corresponding day. Customers, please contact us directly if you would like to make a reservation after the three business days deadline.
  • In Hotel Skip, we use a five-star rating system for hotel ratings. We comprehensively assign the grades of hotels depending on services, restaurants, facilities and so forth. Each country has a different benchmark for rating, so we use the one provided by each arrangement company. For the customers reference, we rank hotels to the following standards (Hotel Skip does not guarantee these five-star ratings.)
    One Star
    Most of the time, it will be a small hotel. These hotels tend to be personally managed by owners, and facilities, services and other things in these hotels will be usually minimal.
    Two Stars
    These types of hotels range from small to moderately sized accomodations. The hotel staff at such places are better at communicating with customers and are overall more sophisticated than the one-star-rated hotels. Also, they have better services including food.
    Three Stars
    These places are mainly large-scale hotels. More staff are working involved with each service line, and the quality is also higher. Moreover, the public spaces like a reception room becomes relatively larger. In general, the rooms have a private bathroom, and some hotels can provide room service.
    Four Stars
    With these types of hotels, the quality of furniture, interior and facilities in the room becomes higher. There are many hotels providing services such as bellboy, 24-hour-room-service, laundry and cleaning.
    Five Stars
    It has luxury atmosphere throughout the hotel with attentive services.
  • If there is no description of a room type after the name of a hotel on the website, it means that Hotel Skip only provides an undesignated standard room in principle. Customers will not be assigned to an upper floor and not be able to a choose view, etc. The meanings of “Single” and “Twin room for one person only” written on the website is that only one guest can stay in a room. “Twin” and “Double” means two people, “Triple” means three people, and “Quad Room” is for four people. Those category names do not indicate the number of beds.
    We can only arrange the room types shown on our websites. The guests over the capacity per room cannot be accepted. Infants and toddlers sharing the bed with their parents should be counted in the number of guests per room.

    The following list is the types of room that Hotel Skip can offer:

    Twin room for two guests (capacity, up to 2 people)

    Normally, there are two single beds. The room is designed to accommodate 2 people. Even though a customer requests a twin room, sometimes only a double bed, one double bed with two mattresses (German twin bed) or a single bed plus a sofa bed maybe available at a hotel (especially in the United States, Canada or China.).

    Double Room (capacity, up to 2)

    With a double bed, the room is designed to accommodate 2 people. Even though a customer requests a double room, sometimes only a twin room, one double bed combined with two mattresses (German twin) or a single bed with a sofa bed may be available at the hotel (especially in the United States, Canada or China.).

    Single Room (capacity, up to 1)

    With a single bed, the room is designed to accommodate 1 person.

    Triple room (capacity, up to 3)

    Most of the time, the room will have one double bed and a single bed, two double beds (especially around the United States or Canada), or occasionally three single beds. The size of the bed is relatively small, and the room often looks undersized. Additionally, one of the beds is often a folding, rollaway or drawer-type of bed, which usually will be prepared before the customer goes to bed.

    Twin room for one person (capacity, up to 1)

    With two single beds or one double bed, the room is designed to accommodate 1 person.

    Quad room (capacity, up to 4)

    Generally, the rooms have two double beds, one double bed and two single beds, one double bed, a single bed, and a sofa bed, and very few four single beds. However, sometimes, depending on the hotel, there is one double bed and one sofa bed only, so we do not recommend it for four adults to stay.

    Twin room or Double room with a child (capacity, up to 2 adults and 1 child)

    This type of room is designed to accommodate 2 adults, and if possible, an extra bed for a child will be prepared. However, not all hotels have the extra child’s bed, and it can not be affirmed. (Especially, in the area near Asia, America, Canada and Oceania, it is generally not possible find such room arrangements). If a hotel does not have the extra child’s bed, the guest will be sharing a bed with a child. Also, the extra child’s bed could be subject to additional fees. In that case, please pay on-site.

    A baby crib

    This type of bed is for a baby under age 2. Depending on the hotel, the number of baby cribs is limited and may not be available. Therefore, we cannot guarantee you in advance that they'll be able to prepare a baby crib. When it is not possible for you to have a baby crib, you will be sharing a bed with a baby. Also, if a hotel charges you for a crib, please pay for it on-site.
  • Customers, please be aware of the following matters when you stay at an apartment or villa.

    • If customers happen to damage any equipments and fixtures during their stay, it will be their responsibilities to fix or compensate for the damage.
    • Please abide by regulations at each facility.
    • Please be careful not to exceed the capacity of the number of guests (including a child or baby) described on this website. If the customer’s party exceeds the room capacity, the customer may be asked to leave the premises or be charged an extra fee.
    • Customers, please make a payment on-site if the accommodation charges you for the use of electricity, gas, water, phone, bedding etc. at each facility.
    • Customers may be charged a deposit upon arrival at a facility. The deposit is usually paid by credit card, and in case a customer could not pay the surcharge during their stay, hotel has rights to charge them.
    • We sometimes display a floor plan of the room on this website, based on the information provided from each facility. Although we try to ensure the accuracy of such information, we are not responsible for any differences between the floor plan and the actual room itself. It is not unusual for general floor plans to differ somewhat from the actual furniture, facilities, room size, etc.
  • The accommodation fees, showed on this website, include room, services, tax and breakfast specified herein. Customers, please pay directly to the hotel at checkout for something that you additionally ordered or use such as meals, drinks, mini-bar items, dry-cleaning/laundry service, telephone calls and so forth. Moreover, some additional fees (resort fee at Hawaiian or other American hotels, energy surcharge, etc.) may sometimes be billed because of the local situation. It is not possible for us to predict all of the applicable fees at various hotels. Also, like in Thailand, customers may be charged extra fees if they share a room with a resident of Thailand. Customers should review their hotel bill before making any payments. If customers have any question about them, they should inquire on-site at the hotel. Please note that Hotel Skip holds no responsibilities for the bill even if you ask us questions or assistance about it after you return home.

    [Important information]Customers may be charged extra fees fixed by states, cities or hotels, such as a city tax or resort fee. Since our price does not include such extra fees, they will be collected on-site at the hotels. Please pay directly at the hotel when you check-in or checkout.

  • Hotel Skip does not endorse or guarantee any specific hotels or travel services. Although we pay close attention to the accuracy of the content on our website, information on hotels and travel services can be modified and revised as needed at any time. Please understand that Hotel Skip does not oversee the information provided by hotels and travel service providers for accommodation, etc., as to its accuracy.
  • Posted prices are for customers with Japanese nationality. Please note that the price may be different depending on the customers’ nationality due to the contract basis with travel service providers for accommodations, etc. Only customers 20 years of age and older can apply for travel. Therefore, unfortunately, we will absolutely not accept applications/reservations from any person under 20. For booking at hotels in Las Vegas, applicants must be 21 years of age and older. Moreover, a reservation completely belong to the customer who has made the reservation, and it is not resalable or transferable.
  • At Hotel Skip, we sometimes record customers’ call randomly for security and quality assurance purposes. Please read “Privacy Policy” of Hotel Skip for further information.
  • To obtain a passport, to apply for a visa and to be aware of health conditions at a travel destination are all the responsibility of the customer. Additionally, we strongly recommend customers apply for travel accident insurances to protect themselves against unexpected accidents or illnesses.
  • Customers, please read the following booking conditions for making changes/cancellations to your reservations.

    The change/cancellation fees will differ depending on accommodations and the date that customers make changes/cancellations. Cancellation fees will be charged based on Japan standard time. Also, the cancellation policy written in Japanese will take priority over one in English if it is written in both languages. We will charge customers the change/cancellation fees according to our rules even though travel services for accommodation, etc are unavailable for use due to an unexpected accident or other similar events such as a strike, aircraft cancellation or delay, train delay or accident, etc. If there is no cancellation policy specified on the website, please pay the following change/cancellation fees.

    If a customer makes any changes or cancellation after 5 pm or during non-business hours, (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, the end of the year, and the new-year) it will be accepted on the next business day. Change/cancellation fees will also be applicable fees for the next business day.

    Change/cancellation fees on each reservation will be displayed on the page of “Reservation Confirmation” before proceeding to “Payment”, so please make sure to review it prior to payment.

    □Booking condition of hotel and other accommodations

    Please make sure to check the cancellation policy provided by accommodations before making a reservation. Depending on an accommodation plan, the cancellation fee that is the same amount as the accommodation fee could accrue when booking is settled.

    □Booking condition of local sightseeing and travel services

    We added booking conditions for each service, but please contact us if you cannot find any booking condition. -If the cancellation fee is higher than the total amount of the reservation, the lower price will be applied. -If the number of guests decreases, a cancellation fee will be accrued.

    □Changing a reservation

    If a customer would like to change their reservation, as a general rule, one has to cancel first an existing reservation and then make a new reservation. Customers, please be aware that if you cancel your reservation within the date cancellation fees accrued, you will be additionally billed the fees. To add more people or rooms is processed online separately, and customers need to inform us of everybody in their group. If customers cannot make an additional reservation online, please contact us to ask whether there is another way to arrange the trip or not. How to change a reservation depends on each accommodation or travel plan that the customer booked or the travel services involved.

    □All of our reservation services are based on “Arranged Tour Contract” between Hotel Skip and customers. Cancellation of the service can only prosessed on “My Account” on our website. Custemers should note that the change/cancellation of the reservation made directly to the hotel is invalid. Hotel Skip will not issue any refund for these hotel-customer's direct negotiation. Reconfirm of the reservation should be made through Hotel Skip as hotels may offer wrong information. If the custemer decided not to stay the hotel in accordance with these misled information, it will be considered as cancellation without notification.

  • If the customer file any claims against travel services including accommodations that are booked through Hotel Skip, the customer should contact the hotel or the company hosting on-site services directly for resolution. If the customer is not satisfied with their communications with the travel service/accommodations provider, please have communication with our on-site emergency contact, which is written on the page of “Information” printed with a reservation confirmation. Also, if a customer has any trouble such as confirming their reservation/check-in accommodation or start of the travel service, the customer should immediately make a phone call to our on-site emergency contact.
    We are not responsible for any reimbursement and an additional fee incurred by the customers who does not bring a voucher.
  • Hotel Skip will take responsibility for any fault caused by our company and our employees’ intention or negligence regarding our travel booking services.
  • Hotel Skip does not take responsibility for any delinquency or delay caused by events, situations, or actions beyond the reasonable control of our company even if it is inevitable; for example, a flight cancellation and delay. Following reasons will be considered as an inevitable situation or beyond reasonable control of Hotel Skip: Natural disasters, outbreak of hostilities, riots, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, revolutions, instructions order of the government and related authorities (including such as non-recognition of permission and authorization, and cancellation), fire, flood, thunderstorm, explosion, fog or bad weather, discontinuance of public service (including such as electricity, gas, water supply, telegraph and telephone), hotel renovation, strikes, lockouts or boycotts, embargo, and blockades at the airport or the seaport.
  • Hotel Skip operates as a booking agent, and the total maximum liability per customer is whichever is lower either 150,000 yen or 3 times as much as the booked rate at Hotel Skip. Within the scope of the law, the provision above shall take precedence of every provision, guarantee and responsibility defined by statute law and other rules/regulations. However, the provision mentioned here shall not impose a limitation on the responsibility of Hotel Skip for customer damage or loss which are caused by an intentional act or gross negligence of Hotel Skip.
  • Customers should check the webpage of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare quarantine station for important information regarding the sanitation and the infectious disease situation of the destinations. Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Quarantine Station
    In order to stay healthy in a foreign country: http://www.forth.go.jp/
  • Depending on the travel destination, there may be warning information posted, related to travel in the country/region, such as “Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Danger Information”. Especially, please check the following:
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Security Website: http://www.anzen.mofa.go.jp/
    Additionally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends travellers register the date, destinations and contact information, etc. of your trips in “Tabi-Regi (Travel Register)” that will provide you the latest risk information and also send you an emergency email, and so forth.
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tabi-Regi: https://www.ezairyu.mofa.go.jp/tabireg/
    "Ministry of Foreign Affairs consular service center (overseas safety consultation group)
  • Hotel Skip reserves the right to change terms and conditions as needed at any time. If Hotel Skip changes these terms and conditions, then the up-to-date version will be available on our website, and we will indicate on the site the date when they will be effective.
  • Customer's legal rights are not infringed, except for the matters stipulated in this terms and conditions for reservations.
  • These conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law. In addition, Tokyo District Court will become the competent court when it is necessary to resolve the problem by a lawsuit regarding the reservation services of Hotel Skip.