FAQs & Contact

Customers, please check this page first if you have any questions.

Rooms and Facilities

Can I make special requests like view, floor, non-smoking room etc.?
We are not able to guarantee your room type. If a specific room type is not mentioned on the hotel-plan you take a look at on our website, the room will arranged by the way of ''Run of the House'', in which you will be assigened randomly to a room by the hotel's decision. Regarding to the request for non-smoking room, we can request it to the hotel, but we cannot guarantee anything in advance. Depending on your request, an additional fee may be charged on the spot. In that case, please make a payment to the hotel directly.
Can you guarantee Twin Room - Room with twin beds ?
We are not able to guarantee number of beds. 1 room for 2 persons means the room is eligible for 2 guests, not 2 beds, it may become a double bedroom -room with one large bed. If you need 2 separate beds, we suggest you to book 2 single rooms.
Are there enough beds for all guests?
We are not able to guarantee number of beds. Hotels arrange the room depending on the number of people according to the size of the room or the size of the bed. It may become a double bedroom -room with one large bed for 2 persons. Triple room and Quadruple room are the following sample.
Example of Triple room:
ex.1) 3 single sized beds
ex.2) 2 single sized beds + an extra bed
ex.3) 1 double sized bed + an extra bed, etc.
Example of Quadruple room:
2 double beds 
Quadruple room is usually a room prepared for a family including 2 adults + 2 children. If you want to stay for 4 adults in one room, we suggest you book two rooms.
Can children stay at the room with parents without using beds?
Some hotels offer a family plan that children can stay with their presents without beds free of change. Please note that restrictions on age and Pax. etc. is different depending on hotel. ※Due to local fire regulations, the number of occupants per accomodation may not exceed the regulated maximum number even though you a bed-sharing with your child. Some hotels may not offer you a bed-sharing with your child at the same room. Some hotels may charge a facility usage fee. In addition, meals such as breakfast for children of family plan are not included in the plan . *Please settle them on spot if hotels charge this kinds of charges.
Is there a bathtub in the bathroom?
Please note that there are room types that do not have a bathtub -shower only- depending on the hotel class and room class etc. Please contact us before your departure if you request the room with bathtub. We might not be able to meet your request depending on the hotel's facilities and their reservation status. In addition, if you select the category which is mentioned as “NO FACILITIES” and “SHARED BATH”, you will share bathrooms and toilets in the hotel.

Search & Reservation

When I check the availability, I see some different prices on the same room type. Why this does happen and why the price is different?
It is because of our "multi-vendor "system. We purchase hotel rooms from various hotel suppliers, and the room price depends on our suppliers’ sales performance. Also, the conditions about the use of rooms and meals are different depending on suppliers. Please check the detail of information and select your desired plan. ※ Room availabilities are also different depending on our suppliers. Evaluation for hotels, the numbers of stars also may be different depending on our suppliers.
A room rate has changed from my recognition last time. Why does this happen?
Room rates are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations. After our confirmation of your booking, the room rate which your booked for will be fixed, and also the same rate will be applied when you change or cancel your reservation even if the exchange rate fluctuates daily.
Do you have minimum age requirements?
We do not accept bookings for any minors without a accompanying adult. Especially, in United States, one of the guests must be 21 years of age or older.
Is the indicated rate per person ?
No. The rate we indicate is per room. The plan with meals include the price for meals.
Are tax and service charges included in the indicated rate?
Basically taxes and service charges are included if there are no statement about those on the cancellation rule or the booking condition, but in Europe and North America, there are some areas and hotels where city taxes and resort taxes are charged separately on the spot. Please check your booking condition carefully when you book a hotel on our website.
Are meals included in a plan?
We offer plans including breakfast and without breakfast. Please check a sign mentioning about breakfast on each plan in the search list. Meal plan is different depending on hotels. Some hotel offer bread and coffee only which is called ''continental style''.
How many rooms can I book per one booking?
You can book 9 rooms per one booking.
How many nights can I book per one booking?
You can book 30 nights per one booking. Please divide into 2 records, if you need to book more nights.
Can I book 5 people in one room?
Bookings for more than 5 people in one room are not available.

Payment & Issuing Voucher

Can I pay without a credit card?
We accept Credit card only. It will be settled at the time of booking.
When will you charge to my credit card?
We will charge the full amount of your booking to your credit card at the time of booking. If you want to know your date of deduction, please ask it to your credit card company.
What is the Voucher?
The voucher is an important document that proves your booking and payment for the accommodation. Please pass it to the hotel staff when you check in at the hotel.
※ If you don't bring it, you may be not able to stay there or may be charged an accommodation fee on the spot. Please make sure to take it with yourself.
※Please note that any additional costs will be imposed on customers If you don't take your vouchers with yourselves on your trip and have some troubles mentioned above.
How to issue the voucher?
Please click "Issue voucher" button on the booking list of My Account, and print it and take it with yourself to the hotel.
**Please contact us if the voucher is not displayed correctly due to garbled characters, etc.
Can you issue a receipt?
Please click "Receipt" button on the booking list of My Account, and print it.

Change & Cancellation

How to cancel a reservation on website?
Please cancel or change a booking on your My Account. If a customer makes any changes or cancellation after 5 p.m. or during non-business hours (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, the end of the year, and the new-year), it will be accepted to us on the next business day. Change/cancellation fees will also be applied based on the next business day. Change/cancellation fees will differ depending on plans. Please make sure to check the cancellation policy on your My Account.

Change/cancellation made by your directly contacting hotels is against Hotel Skip rules and regulations. Even if a hotel staff mistakenly mentions that there is no cancellation fee accrueing, please be aware that Hotel Skip will not be able to issue any refund to you. Moreover, if you want to confirm about your plan which you reserved, please make sure to do it through Hotel Skip. If you contact a hotel to cancel your stay and services and you haven't stayed there by your own decision, we consider it as cancellation without notification. In case that hotels and travel service providers mistakenly inform you of not being able to confirm your reservation, please be sure to contact Hotel Skip or our on-site emergency contact to request confirmation.
When will the cancellation fee be applied?
Changes /cancelation fees are different depending on the date you change and cancel your reservation and the hotel you reserved.
※Please make sure to check the cancellation policy for the hotel you will reserve before making a reservation.
※Depending on an accommodation plan, the cancellation fee which is the same amount as the accommodation fee could accrue when booking is settled.
※Please contact us before you book, if you have any question.
We will charge customers the change/cancellation fees according to our rules even though you cannot stay at the hotel due to unexpected accidents or the other similar events such as aircraft cancellation and delay.
Can I change my booking?
Costumers, basically, if you want to change the reservation date and your names, please cancel your reservation once and rebook one. Please note that you may be charged a cancellation fee when rebooking based on your booking 's cancellation policy.

※Please contact our customer service for this detail.
How is my accommodation fee refunded in case of cancellation?
We will refund it to your credit card. If you want to know the date of refund , please ask about it to your credit card company. This is because the date of deduction on your credit card is different depending on your credit card company. We will refund an accommodation fee after deducting your cancellation fee from the original when a cancellation fee is needed.
※Depending on the settlement date on your credit card company, the deduction may arise after you cancel your reservation. Please note that the fee on your reservation will be deducted first and then refuned to you on the following month or later when the cancellation process exceeds the closing date of your credit card company.

Check-in & Check-out

I will have a late check in.
Please contact the hotel directly when your check-in time will be delayed due to traffic conditions such as flight delay on the day, a change on your schedule, etc.. A hotel staff may cancel your reservation if you arrive at the hotel late and hadn't had a contact with the hotel. Please contact us if you want to inform about your late check-in in advance to the hotel .
Is it possible to check in early?
Basically, early check-in will cost an additional charge. We suggest you make a booking for the previous day besides your original plan to ensure early check-in when you arrive early in the morning or in the morning. If you make such bookings, please inform us your arrival time in case. If you don't have a reservation for the previous date, please tell your request about early check-in to the hotel directly because availability for early check-in depends on room availability.
Does Hotelskip have local emergency contacts?
Please check local contact numbers on your voucher in order to deal with trouble on your stay. For the details, please watch the page about our local support.
Can i cancel my reservation after my deperture to the destionation?
Please cancel your booking on My Account. Cancellation fees will be charged based on Japan standard time. Please contact our local emergency contact if you cannot access our website.
Can I change the number of nights on the spot?
We cannot change a booking. Please contact the front desk directly if you want to extend your stay. In this case, please settle a payment for your extended stay on the spot. If you request that to the front desk directly, the room rate is based on the hotel's decision. If you wish to reduce the number of nights, please also ask the front desk directly. However, in this case, please note that you will have no refund for your reduction in the number of nights.
What do I need at check-in?
Please pass your voucher to the front desk. Some hotels require you to show your credit card or your passport to verify your identity and guarantee your payment. If you do not have your credit card, you will need to give them a deposit on the spot. This deposit will be fully refunded at check-out if you do not use any services such as telephone and room service.
Can I extend my check-out time because of my delayed return flight?
Please ask it to the front desk on the spot. You may be able to extend your check-out time at an additional cost.
I was charged for the service I didn't use at check-out!!
Please be sure to check what the additional cost is with the hotel staff on the spot. Please check your credit card bill if it has been issued, and take a look at whether there are any items unused by yourself or something suspicious.
Some hotels have sensors in their minibars and may charge if you move items for a certain amount of time. Please be sure to check in advance.