Site Terms of Service / Privacy Policy

Notes on using this website.

The use of any information provided on this website is done at the discretion of the visitor/customer/user who assumes any and all risk or liabilities associated with it.
This website is under the administration of Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of any information acquired from this website and other sites that you access via our link. Although one can access our website world-wide, both users and Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. will be governed by the laws of Japan regarding any and all use of this website. Access to this homepage is voluntary, and all information provided here is acted upon by the user solely at their own risk.
The Map Information on the Site.
Although we renew the map information regularly, Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. does not guarantee its accuracy. Please use it for reference only. If locations of the hotels in our map are a little different from the actual ones, please check it on an aerial photo view as well.
Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. provides the information of a access map with hotels and other destinations for the convenience of this website-users. Sometimes you could find some slight differences between the location indicated on our map and its actual one due to the difference in a scale rate and the omission of some landscape details such as seashores, rivers, mountains, etc.. Also, a large area such as beaches and parks is depicted to an approximate place on our website map, so it will not necessarily a central spot of the area and representative area. The map information is based on the information provided by hotels, travel arrangement companies, and other information sources. Again, Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. does not guarantee the accuracy of map information on our website. In the unlikely event that customers and any other third parties suffer loss or damages caused by errors in such information on our website, Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. will not take any responsibility whatsoever for the occurrence. The photos we provided on our website are just images, and they are not necessarily views directly captured from the points of spots on the map.
Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. has rights to change, update or delete the information on its website without notice.
Reservation restrictions
We may decline customers' reservations in the case we regard them as illegitimate bookings: multiple reservations made on the same date, cancellation made repeatedly.
The information on this website such as the infromation of facilities, ammenities, maps, etc. is provided by accmodations and travel arrangement companies, and such infromation is regularly updated. However, Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. does not guarantee its accuracy. Also, we do not take any responsibilities for mistakes or omissions in such information on our website to customers or third parties. Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. may change, update or delete the information on our website without notice.
Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. does not guarantee that this site will be uninterrupted and with no errors. We also do not guatantee that the information and other data accesible from our website do not have viruses and other harmful elements.
Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. does not show any comparability of the information, products and services on this website for any purpose. One can use this site under the condition that we can offer as it stands. The use of this website is solely at one’s own risk. We pay very close attention to the accuracy of the list prices, but please kindlly understand our possible human-caused mistakes. If there is a mistake in our list price, the reservation a customer made for the price may not be accepted even though the customer’s booking procedure was settled. In that case, we will contact the customer to inform of its correct price and make sure their intension for the reservation.
Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. is not responsible for any damages and loss caused by customers' use of information acquired from this website. However, we will take responsibilities for any damages in their peronal rights which are deemed our intentional acts or negligence. When customers make a reservation at Hotel Skip, our booking conditions will be applied to their reservation. If there is some contaradiction between customers' booking conditions and this website agreement, the booking conditions will take precedence.

[About screen operation at the time of a reservation]
When you make a reservation and a payment, you should use a single screen. Please don't open multiple screens to avoid your request from being mishandled. Please be aware, if you make such a wrong reservation under that situation, a modification or cancellation fee may arise, and it will be imposed on you.

[A third party]
You may find our statements on third parties' products, services, manufacturing processes, trade names, trademarks, and other information on this website, However, it doesn't mean that Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. support, patronize, or endorse such things. We display the links operated by third parties for customers' convenience. Again, Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. does not take any responsibility for any products, services, manufacturing process, trade names, trademarks and other information provided by third parties.

[Customer’s responsibility]
When customers use the services on this website, they have to manage all information that is offered by Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. Customers are requested to provide us accurate information about themselves in using this website. If they have a voucher of a booked hotel, it is necessary for them to present and submit it at the time of checking into the hotel. We are not responsible for any reimbursement and additional fee incurred by the customers who does not bring a voucher for a booked hotel.

Hotel Skip Co. Ltd. can modify and revise this website agreement as needed at any time.

Privacy Policy / Basic Policy

We strongly acknowledge the importance of personal data provided by customers in using our products and services. Also, we recognize that it is our social responsibility to protect the personal information of customers and all people related to our company. Therefore, we will practice to the following activities.

  • We will properly manage customers’ personal information at all times.
  • We have a basic policy for information security. Regarding such security, we're regularly instructing emplyees and conducting inspections, We're also continuously striving to improve the handling of personal information under our policy.
  • When we consign the handling of personal information to another company, appropriate madagement for such information shall be conducted by them following our instruction and supervision toward them.
  • All necessary steps shall be taken in order to perform proper management and storage for customers' personal information to prevent the risk of unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of such information.
  • When customers personally make requests for reference or correction on their personal information, we will respond to you in a reasonable range after confirming customers' identity.

About the handling of personal information.

We handle the personal information acquired from our customers following below:

  • Purpose for the use of personal information.

    The personal information provided to us through booking and membership application process is used to contact customers from Hotel Skip. Also, we will use the personal information within a required range in order to make arrangements for sevices offered by transportations and accommodations for customers and to make those seveces provided to customers. Additionally, the Hotel Skip Group may use customers’ personal information in various purposes such as sending information on membership services, providing information about products and services belonging to us and our partner companies, and introducing of our various campaigns and events and seminars. We may use the personal information to request customers to fill out our questionnaires regarding their opinions and experience on their trips, to offer them our website membership privileges, and to source data for creating statistical materials.

  • Provision of personal information to third parties.

    • We will inform airlines and accommodations of customers’ names and their other personal information. We will inform retail business services such as duty-free shops of customers' name, their passport numbers, and their flight numbers, etc. for the convenience of customers' shopping at the travel destination.
    • In case of accidents, catastrophes or other similar events, we will cooperate with investigating authorities by providing customers's personal information, and we may provide such information to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other public offices following thier requests.
    • We will provide third parties with customers' personal information If required for protection of their life, bodies and properties and it is difficult to obtain their consents for the use of their personal information.
    • If required by laws and regulations.
    • If necessary to cooperate with national organizations, local authorities or authorized persons in order for the implementation of matters required by laws or regulations, and there is a risk that obtaining the consent of the person concerned would obstruct the performance of such matters.

    We may decline a customer’s application if they cannot provide us with essential personal information for making travel arrangements.

  • Procedures for requesting disclosure, correction, and suspension of retained personal data.

    • If you wish us to disclose your personal information retained by us to yourself, or if you'd like to make some corrections, additions,and deletions on such data, please contact us by filling out the following form. Also, please contact us by using the same form if you wish to suspend our services and eliminate your information from our database or discontinue your personal information to be submitted to third parties.
    • We will respond to your request within a reasonable range after we confirm your identity.
    • If you need to change your personal information on your reservation and membership or if you wish to discontinue your membership, you can reach us by filling out the following form.
    • We will respond to your request after confirming your identity.
  • Treatment in accidents related to the personal information of customers.

    In the event that there is a problem such as the unauthorized release of personal information, we will immediately contact customers and take appropriate actions to minimize any significant consequences . Moreover, we will promptly notify customers of the facts on our website or other media.

If we change this Site Terms of Service / Privacy Policy, then the up-to-date version will be available on this website, and we will indicate on the site the date when they will be effective.

Hotel Skip Co., Ltd.
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